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Regional conference

Determinants of Credit Default: the Case of Micro finance Borrowers in Rural Dire-Dawa
Smallholder-based Avocado production and Marketing Systems in Sidama Zone of Southern Ethiopia
An Economic Inquiry in to Farm Households’ Access to Agricultural Information: The Case of Maize Farmers in Dale Woreda (A Tobit Approach)
Prospects of transforming subsistence agriculture in to susutainable livelihoods: a casestudy of the RIBB sub-catchment Ethiopia
Detereminats of loan repayment performance of smallholder faremers: the case of kalu district, south wollo zone, Amhara National regional state.
The Impact of brokerage institiutions in the marketing of horticultural crops in Fogera District, south Gonder, Amhara Region of Ethopia.
Determinats of farmers’ preference for adoption strategies to climate change: evedience from Shoa Robit area, North Shoa zone of Amahra region, Ethiopia
Manufacturing industry competitivness platform of Amhara region
Enrolment in Ethiopia’s community based health insurance scheme
Population-Land Pressure, Rural Youth Out migration and Fertility in Selected Woredas of Amhara and SNNP Regions of Ethiopia: A Comparative Analysis
Sources of Technical Efficiency Differentials among Smallholder Farmers in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia: Panel Data Evidence and Implications for Food Security
Decentralization as an Institutional System, Prospects and Retrospect: Case of Four Weredas of Tigray
Urban Public Transport Service, Demand-Supply Analysis: the Case of Mekelle
Impact of Degraded Hillside Plantation on the Livelihoods of Land-Poor Farmers in Tigray, Ethiopia
Improving health service utilization through community based health insurance: lessons from piloting in the Amhara region, Ethiopia
Fiscal Decentralization and Intergovernmental Transfer: Assessment and Experience from Amhara Region
Patterns and Determinants of Infant and Child Mortality Rates in Ethiopia: Some Reflections from Regional-Level Panel Data
Current Land Use Practices and Possible Management Strategies in Shore Area Wetland Ecosystem of Lake Tana
Private Investment in Ethiopia: Trends and Prospects
The Road To Long -Term Social Protection: The Case Of Amhara Region Productive Safety Net Programme
Willingness to Pay and Cost Recovery of Urban Drinking Water Supply: A Choice Model Approach
Development Challenges In The Age Of Climate Change: The Case Of Sidama
The Role of Informal Sector Employment in Poverty Alleviation: The Case of Hawassa City, Ethiopia
Technical Efficiency of Smallholder Maize Producers in Ethiopia: The Case of Wolaita and Gamo Gofa zones
Valuing the Economic Benefit of Ecotourism Areas with Travel Cost Method: A Case Study of Semen Mountain National Park, Ethiopia