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EEA organized the Sixth Eastern Regional Conference on 09 December, 2017 at Jigjiga

The Ethiopian Economics Association/EEA/ organized a day conference on the Economic development of Eastern Ethiopia for the sixth round on 09 December, 2017 at Jigjiga city ZM International Hotel conference Hall in collaboration with EEA Jigjiga, Haramya and Dire Dawa chapters. Mr. Nuru Ahmed, Dean of Jigjiga University and Mr. Demiraw Getachew, Head, EEA Secretariat made welcoming address followed by official opening of Mr. Elias Oumer, Vice President of Jigjiga University.

During the conference, eight papers were presented by various researchers from Universities of Jigjiga, Dire Dawa, and Haramya.  The papers focus on Diaspora Return, Economic Growth and Inequality in Eastern Ethiopia and Somaliland: Redistribution or Reinscription; A Philosophy of simple lifestyle, individualism and wellbeing inference from Eastern Ethiopia communities; Household Wealth and Child Labor in Eastern Ethiopia: Empirical Evidence of the Wealth Paradox; Assessment on Informal Land Market in Peri-Urban Areas of Somali Region,  Jigjiga City; Tax payers’ attitude and compliance behavior in Dire Dawa; Households’ Willingness To Pay (WTP) for improve solid waste management Dire Dawa; Land Use/Land Cover Dynamics and Status of Deforestation of Major Native Tree Species: The Case of Goro Gutu Woreda, East Hararghe, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia; Determinants of Credit Default: the case of Microfinance Borrowers in Rural Dire Dawa.  The objective of the conference was to strengthen the Eastern region economic development by further inspiring the researchers and disseminate the research outputs to the people and/or regional policy makers. It also gives an opportunity for researchers and participants to share their experiences and enhance their linkage.  The conference attracted about 80 participants. 

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