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Analysis of Poverty Exit Time and Pathways out of Poverty: evidence from Gozamn District of East Gojjam Zone, Ethiopia
Urbanization and Vulnerability in Africa: evidence from Farm Households in Peri-urban Ethiopia
Urbanization and Vulnerability in Africa: evidence from Farm Households in Peri-urban Ethiopia
Rural-Urban Migration and the Expansion of Youths’ Begging in Jigjiga Town, East Ethiopia
Agricultural Extension, Social Learning, and Technology Adoption: row Planting Practices for Cereal Production among Smallholder Farmers in Ethiopia
Impact of Alternative Livelihood Interventions on Household Welfare and Environmental Protection: evidence from Rural Ethiopia
The Impact of Smallholder Farmers’ Agricultural Commercialization on Rural Households’ Food Security in Major Coffee Growing Areas of South West Ethiopia: the Case of Jimma Zone
Rural Labor Displacement and Climate Variability in Ethiopia: panel Data Approach
Inequality of Opportunity in Child Health in Ethiopia
Measuring the Impact of Row Planting Agricultural Technology Adoption on the Welfare of Rural Smallholders
The Analysis of Fertilizer use and Agricultural Productivity: (case of La’ilay Maychew Woreda, Tigray, Ethiopia)
A Panel Multidimensional Poverty Estimation for Ethiopia
Exploring Micro and Small Enterprise’s Situation in Addis Ababa against Pre-Determined Determinants of Success
Determinants of Trade in Climate-Smart Goods and Technologies (CSGT) of Ethiopia
Analysis of Price Shock Transmission: case of the Wheat-Bread Market Value Chain in Ethiopia
Goat Value Chain Analysis in Pastoral Communities of Ethiopia
An Empirical Analysis of External Debt and Economic Growth in Ethiopia: a Vector Auto Regressive Approach
Determinants of Commercial Bank Deposit Growth in Ethiopia
Public Infrastructure Investment, Private Capital Formation and Economic Growth in Ethiopia
Causes of Ethiopia’s High Growth and Its Challenges
Analysis of Domestic Saving on Fastening Economic Growth in Ethiopia: vector Error Correction Approach
Intergenerational Mobility in Income and Economic Status in Ethiopia
Local Saving Mobilization: practical challenges and potential strategies in Ethiopia
Clusters and Global Value Chains: a Comparative Study of Leather Footwear Clusters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
The Relationship between External Trade and Economic growth in Ethiopia- an empirical analysis