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Annual conference

Tax Reform Program in Ethiopia
The interconnectedness of Environmental management and Sustainable Development
Tax Base Optimization of Personal income tax in Ethiopia
The effects of Rapid growth of Population on socio-economic Development in Ethiopia
Debt Management in Ethiopia
Some queries about the debate on Land Tenure in Ethiopia
Considerations for Formulating Appropriate Export support services in an Ethiopia perspective
Some issues on industrialization Strategy
Structural Adjustment and Harar Coffee Supply Response
The Performance of Private Industry and the role of the state
Efficiency Gains from Depoliticizing the Civil service in Ethiopia
The Trade-off between Unemployment and inflation in Ethiopia
Promoting Entrepreneurial Development in Ethiopia
Evaluation of Ethiopian Economic Reform Programme
Firm-Level technology Capacity Building in the Manufacturing sector
High Food selectivity: an overlooked cause of food insecurity in Ethiopia
The Development of the Microfinance industry in Ethiopia: performance, problems and prospects.
Gender inequalities in the Ethiopian Public sector
Market Access and Food Security in the pastoral area of Ethiopia
Indigenous Land Tenure Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa Countries: a survey and implications for Ethiopia
Institutional Aspects of Reforming the Financial sector: the case of regulating banking in post-reform Ethiopia
The Prospects and Problems of Small-Scale Irrigation schemes in Alleviating Poverty: the experience from Tigray
The Role of Education in the choice of Activities and Alleviation of income poverty in Rural Ethiopia
Institutions and Local Development in Ethiopia: the case of Easr shewa.
Towards explaining some Distortions in Agriculture- Industry intersectoral Linkage