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EEA staff

Title Full name Position E-mail Telephone
Mr. Demirew Getachew Head, EEA Secretariat E-Mail 251-(0)11-6452415 Fax 011-6453020
Ms. Etsubdink Tesfaye Executive Secretary E-Mail 251-(0)11-6453329 Fax 011-6453020
Mr. Sisay Asfaw Head, Finance E-Mail
Ms. Mulu G/Medhin Cashier E-Mail
Mr. Yitbarek Wogderes Head, HR & G.Service E-Mail
Mr. Ayanlem Tesfaye Storekeeper E-Mail
Mr. Tariku Teklemariam GS & Supplies Officer E-Mail
Ms. Hiwot Kassa Purchaser E-Mail
Ms. Meberework Zena Librarian E-Mail 251-(0)11-6453200
Ms. Addisalem Dinku Cleaner & Messenger E-Mail
Mr. Yakob Yano Security Guard E-Mail
Mr. Begashaw Girma Security Guard E-Mail
Mr. Megersa Balemi Security Guard E-Mail
Mr. Solomon Ero Security Guard E-Mail
Mr Asfaw Desalegn Security Guard E-Mail 0116453200
Membership Services
Title Full name Position E-mail Telephone
Ms. Rahel Yilma Membership Facilitator E-Mail
Membership Administrator E-Mail 251-(0)11-6453329 Fax 011-6453020
Ms. Eyerusalem Tesfaye Librarian E-Mail
Mr. Mekonnen Feyissa Web Developer E-Mail
Research Staff
Title Full name Position E-mail Telephone
Dr. Assefa Admassie Principal Researcher E-Mail
Dr. Degnet Abebaw Senior Research Fellow II E-Mail
Dr. Seid Nuru Senior Research Fellow I E-Mail
Mr. Amin Abdella Research Fellow E-Mail
Dr. Samuel Gebreselassie Wari Research Fellow E-Mail
Mr. Dawit Teshale Assistant Researcher E-Mail
Mr. Mesfin T Assistant Researcher E-Mail
Mr. Ahmed Mohammed USAID project Expert E-Mail 251-(0)11-6453200
Mr Awol Ababulgu Abayengo Training and Research Lead Expert E-Mail 251-(0)11-6453200
Executive Committee members
Title Full name Position E-mail Telephone
Dr. Amdissa Teshome Member E-Mail
Mrs. Fanaye Tadesse Treasurer E-Mail


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