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Research Reports

Abrar Suleiman, Final Decentralization: Experiences of Selected Countries
Girma seyom, Fiscal Decentralization and macroeconomic management in Ethiopia
Rigmar Osterkamp, Fiscal Decentralization: The German Experience
Befekadu Degefe, The legal framework for fiscal Decentralization in Ethiopian during the Transition period
Getachew Minas, A brief review of civil service management in Ethiopia under the reform program
Solomon Wole, A brief review of civil service management in Ethiopian: An overview
Jean Marie Cour, A Demo- Economic Analysis of Long Term Structural Changes in Ethiopia
Wudneh Assibe, A glimpse of public enterprise reform and privatization in Ethiopia
, A Research report on Land Tenure and agricultural Development in Ethiopia
Alemayehu Azeze, Adjustment and and the effectiveness of monetary policy in Ethiopia (1994/93- 1994/95)
Mulat demeke and bekele sinkie, Adjustment and Ethiopian agriculture: incentives and inter-spectral real resource transfer
Shumye Abuhoy, Demographic Trends, Urbanization and Their Effects on Agricultural Productivity and Food Security in Ethiopia
Seleshi Tefera, Economic Decentralization and public enterprise reform
Melis Teka, Energy policy measures on price escalation of petroleum fuels in Ethiopia
BekeleBayissa, Energy technologies and measures for mitigating the oil price hire (in Ethiopia )
James M. warner, Ethiopia's foreign exchange auction market: theoretical and empirical evaluation
, Evaluation of the Ethiopian Agricultural Extension with Particular Emphasis on the Participatory Demonstration and Training Extension System (PADETES)
Tsegaye Teklu, Foreign investment possibilities and constraints in Ethiopia
marcel mazoyer and Laurence Roudart, History of Agriculture
Wogene yirko, History of the post - war Ethiopian Fiscal System