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Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on the Ethiopian Economy
Intra-Household gender - bias in child education spending in rural Ethiopia: panel evidence
Determinants of Child schooling progress in rural Ethiopia
Measurement and sources of technical inefficiency in Ethiopian manufacturing industries
Patterns of public health expenditures and efficiency in Africa : implications for policy
Ethiopian road transport development
Enhancing social accountability through community empowerment: the case of citizen report card in Ethiopia
The law and practice of decision - making in the world trade organization
Food aid and its impact in Ethiopia
Demographic and socio-economic challenges of women petty traders in Arada and Addis Ketema sub cities
Social accountability and the role of civil society in Ethiopia
Estimates of consumer demand parameters for Ethiopia
Proceedings of the First annual conference on the Ethiopian Economy
public policy, markets and technical progress in grain plough culture
Financing Government Agricultural Expenditure in Ethiopia
Economic reform and agricultural deco-operativsation in Ethiopia: implications for agricultural production in the 1990s
A Review of Post-1974 Monetary policy in Ethiopia
Investment Promotion and Incentives in Ethiopia
Rural credit and peasant indebtedness: a case study in north shewa
The Economic reform programme of Ethiopia
Economic efficiency of food grain marketing in southern Ethiopia after the march 1990 reform.
Discussion on draft economic policy of transitional government