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Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on the Ethiopian Economy
Investment Climate And Manufacturing Performance In Ethiopia
Exploring Alternatives To The Middle-East Meat Market For Ethiopia: Evidence From Simulation Models
Determinants Of Household Poverty: The Case Of Gondar City In Ethiopia
Impact Based Projection Of Population Change On Development Efforts In Ethiopia: Opportunities And Challenges
Biogas For Poverty Reduction And Climate Change Mitigation: The Case Of Ethiopia
Link Between Economic Growth And Population Growth In Ethiopia: Malthusian Or Boserupian?
Proceedings of the Eleventh Annual conference on the Ethiopian economy
Efficiency Gains from Depoliticizing the Civil service in Ethiopia
Promoting Entrepreneurial Development in Ethiopia
Firm-Level technology Capacity Building in the Manufacturing sector
The Development of the Microfinance industry in Ethiopia: performance, problems and prospects.
Indigenous Land Tenure Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa Countries: a survey and implications for Ethiopia
The Role of Education in the choice of Activities and Alleviation of income poverty in Rural Ethiopia
Off-Farm Employment and Income inequality: the implication for poverty reduction strategy
Food Security problems and Public Actions in Ethiopia
The Impact of Foreign Aid on Economic Growth in Ethiopia
Macroeconomic Policy and Agriculture in Ethiopia
Sectoral implications of Macroeconomic policy reforms in a multisectoral frame work : evedence from Ethiopia
Tax Reform Program in Ethiopia
Tax Base Optimization of Personal income tax in Ethiopia
Debt Management in Ethiopia


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