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Objective and Activities

The Macroeconomic Division undertakes research primarily on macroeconomic issues concerning Ethiopia. The Division reviews the macroeconomic performance of the Ethiopian economy at a quarterly and annual basis and publishes the research outcomes on the EEA Quarterly and the Annual Economic Report.  It also undertakes research on contemporary macroeconomic issues. It engages in collaborative research works with the Ethiopian Government in particular the regional governments, NGOs, and international  research organizations. It also involves in capacity building activities of higher learning institutions and regional governments in the area of training.

Core activities:

·         The Macroeconomic Division regularly contributes to EEA’s flagship publication on the performance of the Ethiopian economy by reviewing the annual macroeconomic performance as well as conducting research on contemporary issues regarding the Ethiopian economy.   

·         The Division has been actively engaged in training activities. Major beneficiaries include EEA members, Universities, research institutes, government institutions, the private sector and NGOs.

·         Experts in the Division have been engaged in supervising postgraduate students in various universities in the country.