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Determinants of Urban Poverty: Evidence from Ethiopian Urban Household Survey 1994-2004
Agricultural commercialisation in coffee growing areas of Ethiopia
Needs-Based Allocation of Health Resources: An Option To Consider In Ethiopia
How Sensitive Are Poverty Measures To The Choice Of Equivalence Scale And Unit Of Analysis? Evidence from Urban Ethiopia
Commercialisations in Agriculture
Children's Educational Completion Rates and Dropouts in the Context of Ethiopia's National Poverty Reduction Strategy
Remittances and Household Welfare: Longitudinal Evidence from Urban Ethiopia
Commercialisation of smallholder agriculture in major Tef-growing areas of Ethiopia
The Development and Economics of Education in Ethiopia
The Possible Effect of Ethiopian Trade in Service Liberalization on Welfare: A CGE Simulation Exercise
Commercialisation of farming in Ethiopia: which pathways?
Economic Valuation of Preferred Traits of Cattle in Central Ethiopia
The Dynamics of Inflation in Ethiopia: a Case of Food Markets, 1965-2006
Does Asset Index Measure Economic Status Of Households Better In Developing Countries? Evidence from Urban Ethiopia
Economic Analysis of Farmers' Preferences for Crop Variety Traits Using a Choice Experiment Approach: Lessons for On-Farm Conservation and Technology Adoption in Ethiopia
Economic Shocks and Early Childhood Nutritional Achievements: A Case in 20 Villages of Rural and Urban Ethiopia
Urban Energy Transition And Technology Adoption: The Case Of Tigrai, Northern Ethiopia
Institutional Analysis of Water Management on Communal Irrigation Systems In Ethiopia: The Case Of Atsbi Wemberta Woreda, Tigray Region And Ada'a Woreda, Oromiya Region
An Overview Of The Economic Development Of South Korea
Demographic and socio-economic challenges of women petty traders in Arada and Addis Ketema sub cities
Food aid and its impact in Ethiopia
Economic Culture Of Tigray
Estimates of consumer demand parameters for Ethiopia
Social accountability and the role of civil society in Ethiopia
Intergenerational Transfer Of Poverty/ Wealth In Ethiopia


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