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The Impact of External Debt on Economic Growth and Private Investment in Ethiopia: A Vector Auto Regressive Approach
Smallholder Banana Marketing In Southern Ethiopia: A Transaction Cost Economics Perspective
Banking Reform And Smes Financing In Ethiopia: The Case Of Smes In The Manufacturing Sector
Determinants Of Technology Adoption And Income Diversification: The Case Of Northern Part Of Ethiopia
An Econometric Modeling of the Net Payment Of The Foreign Trade Of Ethiopia
Dairy Marketing Chains Analysis: The Case of Shashemane-Yergalem Milk Shed, Southern Ethiopia
Performance Indicators Of Investment Climate And Business Environment Improvement In Private Higher Education And Private Health Service Provision In Addis Ababa 1991-2007
The Economic Impact Of Irrigation Expansion In Ethiopia: A Cge Analysis
Institutions, Sustainable Land Use and Welfare: The Case of Forest and Grazing Lands in Northern Ethiopia
Investment Climate And Manufacturing Performance In Ethiopia
The Impact of Climate Variability on Crop Production In Ethiopia: Which Crop Is More Vulnerable To Rainfall Variability
Spatial Integration of Coffee-Growers Markets in Ethiopia
Exploring Alternatives To The Middle-East Meat Market For Ethiopia: Evidence From Simulation Models
Economics of Selected Water Control Technologies And Their Successful Use: The Case Of Ethiopia
Adoption and Continued Use of Improved Maize Seeds In Central Ethiopia
Impact Based Projection Of Population Change On Development Efforts In Ethiopia: Opportunities And Challenges
Determinants of Smallholder Crop Farmers' Decision to Sell and For Whom to Sell: Micro-Level Data Evidence from Ethiopia
Determinants Of Household Poverty: The Case Of Gondar City In Ethiopia
Link Between Economic Growth And Population Growth In Ethiopia: Malthusian Or Boserupian?
Cereal Productivity in Ethiopia: An Analysis Based On Erhs Data
Biogas For Poverty Reduction And Climate Change Mitigation: The Case Of Ethiopia
Urbanization In Ethiopia: Challenges And The Way Forward
Stove Adoption and Implications for Deforestation and Land Degradation: The Case of Ethiopia
Consumption-Based Measures And Analysis Of Urban Poverty: The Case Of Maichew, Southern Tigrai: Ethiopia
Climate Change Impacts and Responses in the Southern Lowlands of Ethiopia