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International conference

Determinants of Smallholder Crop Farmers' Decision to Sell and For Whom to Sell: Micro-Level Data Evidence from Ethiopia
Determinants Of Household Poverty: The Case Of Gondar City In Ethiopia
Link Between Economic Growth And Population Growth In Ethiopia: Malthusian Or Boserupian?
Cereal Productivity in Ethiopia: An Analysis Based On Erhs Data
Biogas For Poverty Reduction And Climate Change Mitigation: The Case Of Ethiopia
Urbanization In Ethiopia: Challenges And The Way Forward
Stove Adoption and Implications for Deforestation and Land Degradation: The Case of Ethiopia
Consumption-Based Measures And Analysis Of Urban Poverty: The Case Of Maichew, Southern Tigrai: Ethiopia
Rural And Urban Policies Affecting Spatial And Sectoral Linkages
The Impact of the Rural Capacity Building Project On Farm Household Efficiency In Ethiopia
Implications Of Oil Price Shocks And Subsidizing Prices Of Oil To The Ethiopian Economy: A Cge Analysis
Difference In Maize Productivity Between Male- And Female-Headed Households In Uganda
Process of Commercialization of Agriculture In Amhara Region: Prospects And Constrains
International Migration, Remittances And Poverty Alleviation In Ethiopia
Factors Constraining The Production Of Traditional Exportable Agricultural Products In Ethiopia: Evidence From The Longitudinal Ethiopian Rural Household Survey
Coffee Innovations System in Ethiopia and Rwanda
The Impact Of Remittances On The Ethiopian Economy: A Cge Analysis
Determinants Of The Choice Of Marketing Channels Amongst Small-Scale Maize Farmers: The Case Of Bura-Borama Kebele, Southern Ethiopia
The Evolution of Pastoral Extension System in Ethiopia
The Impact Of Skills Training Programme On Employment Creation And Income Generation: A Study In The Central Province Of Zambia
Supply Source Selection In The Downstream Dairy Supply Chain In Northern Ethiopia, Tobit Model
Spatial Integration of Bulls and Oxen Markets in Ethiopia
Maintenance Of Occupational Safety And Health At Bedele Brewery Share Company
Households' Willingness To Pay For Improved Solid Waste Management: The Case Of Mekelle City, Ethiopia
Class-Bias In Technology Adoption: Stagnation And Transformation Of Subsistence Agriculture In The Ethiopian Northern Highlands