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Determinants of Agricultural Intensification by Smallholder Farmers in Northeast Ethiopia: The Case of Dessie Zuria District
Economic Efficiency of Mixed Crop-Livestock Production System in the North Eastern Highlands of Ethiopia: the Stochastic Frontier Approach
Determinants of Farmers’ Participation in Local Seed Multiplication and Extent of Its Adoption: the Case of Womberma and Guagusa Shekudad Woredas of Amhara National Regional State
Impact of Foreign Remittance on Household Wellbeing: the Case of Gondar City, Ethiopia
Ethiopia and Sustainability: a Comprehensive Wealth Accounting Perspective
Price Dynamics in Ethiopia: var Modeling Approach
Short-Run Behavior of Defensive Assets in the Ethiopian Commercial Banking Sector
Financial and Economic Analysis of Ethanol Production from Sugar Molasses: a Case Study of an Integrated Sugar Plant in Ethiopia Sugar Molasses: a Case Study Of An Integrated Sugar Plant In Ethiopia
Growth Potential and Business Constraints of Micro and Small Enterprises in South Wollo Zone, Amhara Region, Ethiopia
Trade Liberalization and Sectoral Export Performance in Sub-Saharan Africa: a Panel Data Analysisca: A Panel Data Analysis
State of Budget Accountability and Transparency in Africa
Unemployment in Urban Ethiopia: determinants and Impact on Household Welfare
Health Expenditure Tracking In Ethiopia: results from Four Rounds of NHA Exercises
Impact of Foreign Remittance on Household Wellbeing: the Case of Gondar City, Ethiopia
The Impact of Fiscal Policy on Poverty in Ethiopia: A Computable General Equilibrium Micro Simulation Analysis
The Dynamics of Poverty and Vulnerability in Rural Ethiopia: a Nonlinear Panel Data Analysis
Extent and Determinants of Urban Poverty: anthropometric Analysis in Robe and Goba Towns
Factors Affecting Household Food Gaps: a Case in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia
Disparities in Public Service Provision in Niger: Cross-Department Evidence on Primary Schools and Healthcare
Determinants of Trade in Services in Africa: A Gravity Model Approach
Vertical and Spatial Integration of Live Animal and Meat Markets in Ethiopia
Asymmetric Farm-Retail Price Transmission in the Marketing of Vegetables: A Case Study on Selected Areas from Central and Eastern Ethiopia
Clientelism In Ethiopian Grain Markets: Opportunity Or Threat?
Techno-Economic Standing of Solar Thermal Technologies below 100 c
Road Transport and Traffic System, and Safety Problems In Ethiopia: The Two Decades Experiences


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