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Participatory Pre-Extension and Demonstration of Newly Released Rust Tolerant and High Yielding Wheat Varieties: Experience of Eaapp in Arsi Zone, Ethiopia
Determinants of Technical Efficiency in Maize Production: The Case of Smallholderfarmers in Dhidhessa District of Illuababora Zone, Ethiopia
Ethiopia’s Value Chains on the Move: the Case of Teff.
The Impact of Community–Based Forest Management on Poverty Alleviation in Ethiopia: Case Study of Adaba-Dodola Forest Dwellers Association/Wajib
Assessment of Dairy Value Chain in Arsi Highlands: The Case of Lemu-Bilbilo District
Sources of Risk and Impact of Climate Change Adaptation Strategy on Crop Production: The Case of Swc in Wolaita, Southern Highlands of Ethiopia Evidence from Panel Data
Economics of Soil and Water Conservation: The Case of Smallholder Farmers in North Eastern Highlands of Ethiopia
Non-State Social Protection In Ethiopia: Characteristics And Dimensions
The Contribution of Education To Farm And Off-Farm Income In Rural Households of Ethiopia
Food Security and Nutrition Status Of Children And Adults In Ethiopia
Child Labor versus Educational Attainment Trade-Off: the Case of Wolkite Town, South Western Part of Ethiopia
Household Demand for Improved Water Supply Service In Ethiopia: The Case Of Sodo Town
Factors Infulencing Utilization of Family Planning Information by Rural Households: The Case of Kombolcha District, Ethiopia
Impact of rural income transfer schemes in Ethiopia: a recursive dynamic comptable general equilibrium approach
Determinants of Export Performance in Ethiopia: A Var Model Analysis
Exploring the Possibility Of Implementing Inflation Targeting Approach In Ethiopia: An Empirical Analysis
Reforms and Their Implications on the Revenue Productivity of the Ethiopian Tax System
Semi-Subsistence Households: Accounting For Home Production for Home Consumption
The Impact of Joining the Comesa Fta On The Ethiopian Economy: The Case Of The Manufacturing Industry
The Inflation - Economic Growth Nexus in Ethiopia
Climate Change and Variability: implications for Household Food Security in Agro Pastoral Areas of Jijiga District, Eastern Ethiopia
Economic Benefits and Returns to Rural Feeder Roads: Evidence from a Quasi-Experimental Setting in Ethiopia
Analysis of Households’ Willingness to Pay for Electricity Connection Options in Rural Areas of Ethiopia: Implication for Cost Recovery
Structural Transformation in Cereal Markets: evidence from Ethiopia
Impact of Knowledge on Purchasing Weather Index Insurance in Major Drought Prone Areas: case Of Adi Ha Tabia, Tigray, Northern Ethiopia


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