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International conference

Poverty and Food security in Ethiopia: some evidence from Wollo
Prices in the Measurement of Food Poverty in Urban Ethiopia
Private Sector Development in Ethiopian Particularly small Business Development in Ethiopia /An entrepreneurial approach /
Irrigation Practices, State Intervention and Farmer's Life-worlds in Drought-prone Tigray
Implications of Poverty on Child Work in Rural Ethiopia
Privatization and Efficiency in the Ethiopian Manufacturing Industry
Water and Regional Security in North Eastern Africa
Ethiopia and Regional Economic Blocs: its experience with Trade Integration in COMESA
Poverty profile and Livelihood Diversification in Rural Ethiopia: Implications to poverty Reduction
The Ethiopian Manufacturing Sector: Competitiveness and the way ahead
Exports and Economic growth in Ethiopia: an Empirical Investigation
Child Malnutrition in Ethiopia: can maternal knowledge augment the Role of Income?
African Regional Organizations and Economic Development
The Institutional Dimension of World Trade in Agricultural Commodities: An Overview
The pattern of Growth, Poverty and Inequality in Ethiopia: Which way for a pro-poor Growth?
The prospects for Industrialization in Ethiopia
Informal Land Markets and Patterns of Agrarian Differentiation Among Cereal Producing Rural Households in Central Highlands of Ethiopia
Agriculture Versus Non-Agriculture in the Ethiopian Econmy: a study of Comparative performances since the 1960s
Economic Analysis of Farmers' Incentive s to Diversity on Native Sorghum Varieties in Ethiopia
Construction and Reforestation in Tigray,Ethiopia: economic Analysis and policy implications
Measures of Attitude Towards Risk and Rate of Time preference: Experimental Evidence from Ethiopia
Food security in Ethiopia: policy Interventions
Population pressure and Intensification of Agricultural production in Ethiopia: the will and cost of Overcoming Malthusian Trap
Liberalization and policies of Food Security: The Indian Experience
Merits and Demerits of Allowing Entry of Foreign Banks into the Ethiopian Banking Sector: lesson s from Selected Countries


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