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Annual conference

Impact of Macro-Economic Polices on the Production of Wheat in Ethiopia
A Consumption-based Measure of Poverty for Rural Ethiopia in 1989 and 1994.
The Impact of Monetary Control and Fiscal Contraction on Private Sector development in Ethiopia's stabilization and adjustment program
The Impact of Macroeconomic Policy Reforms on Agriculture.
Measuring Wealth and Poverty in Rural Ethiopia: a Data-based Discussion.
Ethiopia's Private Sector under structural Adjustment: Response to foreign Trade liberalization and exchange rate policy reform
The Performance of Ethiopia's Agricultural Exports: 1074-91
Non-farm Activities in Ethiopia: the Case of North Shoa.
Trade Liberalization and the prospects of the Private Sector to Export Promotion: the case of Ethiopia
The Links between Agricultural and Industrial Production: the case of food and beverage industries.
Common Property Rights, Poverty and Environmental Degradation in the Borana Plateau
the relevance of the improvement approach to agricultural Growth in Ethiopia
Fiscal Policy in Ethiopia
A Glimpse of Privatization and the Private Sector in Ethiopia
public policy, markets and technical progress in grain plough culture
Financing Government Agricultural Expenditure in Ethiopia
The Impact of Policy Implications of Privatization in Ethiopia
Economic reform and agricultural deco-operativsation in Ethiopia: implications for agricultural production in the 1990s
A Review of Post-1974 Monetary policy in Ethiopia
Privatization and Deregulation in Ethiopian Industry : problems, prospects and impact on the economy
Rural credit and peasant indebtedness: a case study in north shewa
Investment Promotion and Incentives in Ethiopia
The New Investment Law: Basic Feature s and Limitations with reference to the industrial sector
Economic efficiency of food grain marketing in southern Ethiopia after the march 1990 reform.
The Economic reform programme of Ethiopia