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Annual conference

Credit Policy in Financial Institution and Private In vestment in Ethiopia.
Should animal Health Service in Ethiopia Be Privatized?
Poverty and Nutritional Status in Urban Ethiopia
Determinants of Private Investment: a Review
Land Tenure: Theory and Policy issues in Ethiopia
Adjustment and the Poor in Ethiopia: lessons on Targeting and Design of Social Support Programmes
Financial Support Programmes for the Informal Sector: some lessons from experience.
The nature of Share-Cropping in Ethiopia: Some preliminary observations.
The Role of Credit in the Informal Sector for Poverty Alleviation
Transforming Peasant Agriculture: a conceptual framework
Rural Credit in Ethiopia
Credit to Poor Households: the Case of Financing Micro-enterprises in the Debre Berhan
An Assessment of Ethiopia's Agricultural Land resources.
Agricultural Research and extension in Ethiopia: an overview.
Market reform and Welfare in Ethiopia: food-grain Prices, the Poor and the State
Strategies and Macroeconomic Policies for the Development of the private sector in Ethiopia
Population Pressure, Agricultural Land Fragmentation and Land Use: a case study of Dale and shashemene weredas, southern Ethiopia.
Issues in the Measurement and Dynamics of Poverty: a survey
Small-scale Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Development in Ethiopia: concepts, Definitions and Major Issues
Privatization in Ethiopia: Issues in Modalities, Sequencing and Timing
Environment, Population and Agricultural Development in Ethiopia
Demographic Characteristics of Poor Households in Urban Ethiopia: the Case of Dire Dawa Town
Privatization and Valuation of public enterprise
Food shortages and Household coping strategies by Income Groups:a case study of Wolaita district in southern Ethiopia.
Demographic Influences on Food Availability and Incidence of Under nutrition and Malnutrition: The Case of Private and Cooperative Households in Arsi Region (Ethiopia).