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Annual conference

Returns to College Education in Ethiopia Financial institutions
Performance of governemnt finace in Ethiopia science the 1992 reform
Factor Intensity and Efficiency of SSIs in Ethiopia
Changes in the urban Labor market and private rates of return to education in Ethiopia: 1990-1997
Military expenditure and economic performance: lessons from the ethiopian economy
A Comparative Analysis of the Development of Small-scale Industries in Region 14 with Other Regions
Skilled Labor Migration from Developing Countries
Profile of Ethiopia's External Debt
Investment Policy and Patterns of Small-scale Enterprises Investment in Ethiopia
Human Resource in Economic development
Export Earning instability and export structure: the case of Ethiopia.
The Links between Agricultural and Industrial Production: the case of food and beverage industries.
Common Property Rights, Poverty and Environmental Degradation in the Borana Plateau
Trade Liberalization and the prospects of the Private Sector to Export Promotion: the case of Ethiopia
Grain Marketing in Ethiopia in the Context of Recent Policy Reforms
Diversified Uses of Animal Traction for Poverty Alleviation
Domestic price Decontrols and Mark Deregulation in Ethiopia: impact on private firms and sturcture of investement.
Fertilizer Procurement , Distribution and Consumption in Ethiopia
Some Results on the Level and Distribution of Income in Urban Ethiopia
Problems and Prospects for the Emergency of a stock Market in Ethiopia
The status of state Farms in the Context of the recent policy Reforms
Food Consumption and Poverty in Urban Ethiopia: a Preliminary Assessment
Towards the Development of Capital Market in Ethiopia.
The Livestock Sector: Potentials and Constraints
Aspects of Poverty in the City of Addis Ababa: Profile and Policy Implications