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Annual conference

A Comparative Analysis of the Development of Small-scale Industries in Region 14 with Other Regions
Skilled Labor Migration from Developing Countries
Profile of Ethiopia's External Debt
Investment Policy and Patterns of Small-scale Enterprises Investment in Ethiopia
Human Resource in Economic development
Export Earning instability and export structure: the case of Ethiopia.
Financing Micro and Small-scale Enterprises in Urban Ethiopia
Human Resources Management in the Ethiopian Public Sector
Profile of Ethiopia's External Trade
Micro-Business Development in Ethiopia
Agricultural Manpower Training in Ethiopia
Globalization and Ethiopian Economic Development
Foreign Direct Investment as an instrument to economic integration: an assessment of the ethiopian situation since 1991
Constraints to Women Entrepreneurs in the Informal Sector: the case of women traders in addis Ababa markets.
The Pros an Cons of the human Development index
The Impact of external shocks and Northern Policy on Africa: Simulation result based on global economic model of Africa (AFRIMOD)
Small-scale Grain Milling Industry in Ethiopia: A Survey
Second and Third Level Manpower demand Projections (1994 - 2000)
A conceptual Framework: the new Institutional Economics
Entrepreneurial Networks and Innovation in Ghana
Highlight on the historical evaluation of Ethiopia's population: Growth distribution and Direction of Population change
The Problems of Institutionalization in Modern Ethiopia: a historical perspective
Training Needs and Approaches from the Informal Sector in Africa: A Brief Overview
Performance of the Ethiopian Economy 1991-1998
Indigenous Common Property resource Management: case from Wello and North Shewa.