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Annual conference

The Electric Sector in Ethiopia: Policy, Performance and Problems
Inter-sectoral Linkage in the Ethiopian Economy: a social accountinng matrix (SAM) approch.
Food Security problems and Public Actions in Ethiopia
Institutional constraints to input marketing in Ethiopia: the case of fertilizer.
The Impact of Foreign Aid on Economic Growth in Ethiopia
Technical and institutional aspects of innovations: evidence from vertisol technology developemnt and transfer in Ethiopia.
Macroeconomic Policy and Agriculture in Ethiopia
Agricultural growth, Population, and Environmental nexus.
Sectoral implications of Macroeconomic policy reforms in a multisectoral frame work : evedence from Ethiopia
The interconnectedness of Environmental management and Sustainable Development
Tax Reform Program in Ethiopia
The Problems of Institutionalization in Modern Ethiopia: a historical perspective
Training Needs and Approaches from the Informal Sector in Africa: A Brief Overview
Performance of the Ethiopian Economy 1991-1998
Indigenous Common Property resource Management: case from Wello and North Shewa.
Small-scale Enterprises in Ethiopia: Adding a Sociological Dimension to Economic Research
The Challenge of increasing food products in Ethiopia
Land reform: Revisiting the public Versus Private Ownership Controversy
Education and Economic Growth
Economic Liberalization and the performance of coffee sub-sector in Ethiopia
Thriving informal Land Markets and Patterns of Entitlement Redistribution among peasant households.
Does Schooling influence Productivity?
The Nature and Extent of unemployment in Ethiopia
Farmers' Willingness to pay for Tenure security
The Impact of Education on A locative and technical Efficiency of farmers