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Annual conference

Off-Farm Employment and Income inequality: the implication for poverty reduction strategy
The Significance of linking informal and Formal Financial institutions for Development.
Inter-sectoral Linkage in the Ethiopian Economy: a social accountinng matrix (SAM) approch.
Food Security problems and Public Actions in Ethiopia
The Electric Sector in Ethiopia: Policy, Performance and Problems
The Impact of Foreign Aid on Economic Growth in Ethiopia
Institutional constraints to input marketing in Ethiopia: the case of fertilizer.
Macroeconomic Policy and Agriculture in Ethiopia
Technical and institutional aspects of innovations: evidence from vertisol technology developemnt and transfer in Ethiopia.
Sectoral implications of Macroeconomic policy reforms in a multisectoral frame work : evedence from Ethiopia
Agricultural growth, Population, and Environmental nexus.
Entrepreneurial Networks and Innovation in Ghana
Highlight on the historical evaluation of Ethiopia's population: Growth distribution and Direction of Population change
A conceptual Framework: the new Institutional Economics
Training Needs and Approaches from the Informal Sector in Africa: A Brief Overview
Performance of the Ethiopian Economy 1991-1998
The Problems of Institutionalization in Modern Ethiopia: a historical perspective
Small-scale Enterprises in Ethiopia: Adding a Sociological Dimension to Economic Research
The Challenge of increasing food products in Ethiopia
Indigenous Common Property resource Management: case from Wello and North Shewa.
Education and Economic Growth
Economic Liberalization and the performance of coffee sub-sector in Ethiopia
Land reform: Revisiting the public Versus Private Ownership Controversy
Does Schooling influence Productivity?
The Nature and Extent of unemployment in Ethiopia


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